XML Layouts, JAVA coding, working in Android Studio IDE...

- Link to Android application "Prime numbers, GCD and LCM" on the Google play.

- Link to Android application "Lottery 'Cheat' Machine" on the Google play.

- Link to Android application "Chandelier cleaning" (under DEVELOPMENT)



Radio club YU1GUV

Amateur Radio station "Kosmos" YU1GUV, located in Paracin

Elementary school "Radoje Domanovic"

Elementary school "Radoje Domanovic", Knjaza Milosa 2, Paracin

Seattle At Height

"Seattle At Height", company located in Seattle, WA, USA

Object legalization

Company "Geodezija Pro" is located in Jagodina, Serbia. Civil engineering.

Chandelier cleaning, USA

Chandelier cleaning company, located in Seattle, WA, but operates in entire USA.

Accordion selling

Accordion selling "Bata", Striza in the near of Paracin.

Motel "Stari hrast"

Motel "Stari hrast" ("old Oak" in Serbian) on the E-75 road.

Portal of Pomoravlje region

Pomoravlje is a region located in Central Serbia, on the road E-75...

Radio station "Radio Gong"

Local Radio station "Radio Gong" from Jagodina...

Activities and Projects

about me

* * * Computer and hardware service
- Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 maintaining
- Laptop and desktop repair service
- Virus and spyware removal
- Saving data from malfunctioning HDD's
- Notebook and desktop dust cleaning
- Laptop and desktop computers optimization
- Internet marketing and Your job's promotion
- Website creating and maintaining

* * * IT videos from my YOUTUBE channel
* A 24-yr old notebook repair (made 1989) YOUTUBE LINK
* What happens when unqualified person tries to fix computer YOUTUBE LINK
* Why notebooks overheat and how to avoid malfunction YOUTUBE LINK


* * * Some additional info

- Project leader - furniture for School "Radoje Domanović", about 10000 EUR, Foundation Novak Đoković and "Prima".
- Project leader - Gas boiling room for School "Radoje Domanović", 55000 EUR, Embassy of Japan.
- Since 2002 I'm living in Paraćin, city of my ancestors (Milićević and Vučković families from Striža village, but also I have to mention cousins from Levač, Germany, Slovakia and Srem :) )
- I didn't invent this heating system, I just made it using instructions from the internet, but journalists exaggerated the story too much. This is a article.

- TEACHING - Working with students from fifth to eighth grade, the main area is mathematics and computer science. Have students' achievements on district and republic level (republic - now the state competition). There are arriving first generations of my students who are successfully graduating technical colleges!
- MISCELLANEOUS - Translation of technical literature written in German and English into Serbian, consulting services, a wide range of software services...

- SCHOOL LOG COMPLETING v2.0 – The program was intended primarily for elementary school teachers (V to VIII grade) for statistical data analysis and to help them to fill tables on the end of the log. Some features: Calculating average marks per student and per subject, summarizing the valid and invalid absences. Final results are in the form of tables at the end of the log. Developed in MS Excel.
-Link- (33 kB)


The best way to contact me is to send me an email, using

After that, we can arrange chat over skype, facebook, viber, or on short waves using amateur radio :)


See you in Paracin (Serbia) !